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"When you say something that's true to you, that's the moment it's eligible to travel to others."             - Stephen Jenkins - 
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Ace-Hil-Ink is focused on writing, self-publishing and promoting for aspiring authors, free-lance writers, poets, and more. Ace-Hil-Ink will work with authors in any genre. We are focused on the Indie and Self-publishing approach with tips, info, and help for getting your project off the ground and into the mainstream.

Are you an Indie/Self-Published Author looking for some help, some support, maybe a little bit of recognition, or a place to legitimize your work for you?? We can help you.

Ace-Hil-Ink will provide editing assistance, formatting assistance, book cover help, promotional tools, book trailers and many other services in helping you grow and progress. You will feel legitimized and accompanied in a walk that can be very lonely at times. Ace-Hil-Ink will give you one-on-one support, answer questions, point you in the right direction, give you the much-needed information you need to move forward with your project.

We will provide services for eBook formatting for Amazon, Barnes n Noble, Kobo, Apple (Epub & Mobi) and print book formatting (MS Word & PDF) for Createspace.
We will also provide a cover design service to put the perfect cover on the book you have worked so hard at to complete.

For a list of these services and more at very affordable pricing, please see our services page.

Please use our contact page for any questions you may have.


Ace-Hil-Ink is pleased to announce that we will soon be taking submissions for two separate anthologies. One in the horror genre and one in romance. We will be looking for (around 5000 word) short stories in the horror genre and will decide on 13 of the submissions to move forward with the anthology that will be produced in ebook and print.

In the romance genre, we will be accepting stories with a length of 15k-20k words to complete a book with 4 great romance novellas.  
More details will be coming soon with information on the submission dates and details of the projected release date.


          "Floor Four" A Novella of Horror Now FREE (eBook)   available here:


  We are pleased and excited to welcome the newest member to the Ace-Hil-Ink family, author, Y. Correa!

Y. writes Interracial Paranormal Romance and has wrote a total of 10 stories, 3 full-length novels, 6 short stories, and 1 story published as part of an anthology. One of her short stories, Chamuel's Revelation, won a short story competition and was translated into three different languages. Her newest novel titled, MarcoAntonio & Amaryllis, will be released this month. You can read her
Author Bio Here.

The year 1585. The Anglo-Spanish War. England invaded Spain for crops, land and supplies. A war had started. Land against land. People against people. Hatred, despise and intolerance were a way of life. Why were they so opposed to one and other? No one knows for sure...

MarcoAntonio, was a Spanish gentleman and knight. Amaryllis, an English lady. Prohibited from being together. Taboo romance. Intermingling of bloodlines was sinful and forbidden. Interracial love affair in the Middle Ages...? Yes!  That was exactly it! Though, their love was not allowed, they loved each other regardless.

What would it bring? What would the outcome be? How would they overcome?

Passion. Adventure. Paranormal. Interracial. The combination for a great and powerful love story! “MarcoAntonio & Amaryllis”... LOVE is the result of ALL things conquered!

To learn more about Y. Correa please visit her website:
Fate Books

Read Author, Y. Correa's interview of A. Lopez, Jr. over at Fate Books
A. Lopez, Jr. Interview

Night Dreams is series of novellas that follow a Dream Psychologist, Dr. Joseph Rickettes, who has no choice but to live out the nightmares of his patients in hopes of curing them of their demons. He is bound by the demons in their dreams, while he struggles to make sense of the nightmares that plague his own life.
Episode One - The Beginning focuses on how it all started for Joseph and how he came to possess his power, or curse, to delve into and live out the nightmares of others.     

The Multi-Genre Project has a new website URL - alopezjr.com
The official blog of A. Lopez, Jr.
Author Kathryn Stelher will be releasing her first romance novel, Time Doesn't Wait, this summer. A romance story set in modern times based in the Great Northwest of Seattle, Washington. This will be the second release under the Ace-Hil-Ink brand. The cover art will be released soon!

To learn more about Kathryn you can find her at Goodreads or on Twitter.                                                            

Our first release was the horror compilation Purgatory - 13 Tales of the Macabre by A. Lopez, Jr. It was released in October 2011 and is available in eBook and print. The word count for the 13 stories topped out at just over 80,000 words. There is a little bit of something for everyone in the stories, if you like the macabre. Also included in the book is a poem, EVIL, by Julie Falcione.

The official blog for A. Lopez, Jr. can be found on Wordpress. The Making of a Book Trailer was one of the more recent posts.

 Read an interview with A. Lopez, Jr. here:

                                          Official Purgatory Book Trailer

Ace-Hil-Ink is pleased to have the music created by Andrew Lopez as the theme song for our horror book "Purgatory".

Music: "To Hell -n- Back" © Copyright  Andrew Lopez

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