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The name Ace-Hil-Ink has special meaning and at the core of that is simply, to help others.  AHI was started to help aspiring authors achieve their goals to publish a short story, novella, or novel. Geared with the Indie author in mind, we will help you publish your print or ebook and help you get it distributed to every book retailer. We take pride in publishing in every genre!

Upcoming Book Releases for 2019!


"Draumr & Dreyma" (Fantasy)

Available NOW!

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A bored boy. A wise old man. A mystical tale that changes everything.

Young Toby is forced to spend an entire day with his boring and clueless grandfather whose lame stories about the history of the Halvorsen family are enough to make even the most excited kid fall asleep. But ‘Gramps’ has something else in mind, and when poker games turn to fantastical tales of dragons and Vikings, Toby’s day turns out much different than he expected.

This short story set in modern day weaves its way from parlor games to dragons and visits a place rich in mystery and fantasy, many years ago. For the skeptical Toby, his negative attitude is quickly vanquished by his wise, old grandfather. In just one afternoon, everything has changed for Toby and an entirely new and magical world opens the doors to his imagination and more.

If you like getting lost in a world of fantasy and dragons then you’ll love this short story. - by K.L. Halla 


"Finish Line" (Horror)

A man seeking desperately to fit in and belong. Finally, he feels he has found just the thing to pour his heart and soul into and show society he is somebody. He is so blinded by his determination to be the best that he is willing to do almost anything. But a difficult truth awaits him at the Finish Line. What price would you pay to achieve your ultimate goal? by A. Lopez Jr. (November 2019)

"Awakening The Flame" (Romance)

An unexpected encounter between two strangers. A spark flickers. They share their most intimate and personal details and both realize through sheer honesty that they are missing the same thing in their lives . . . the spark. Their friendship turns romantic and soon the missing spark is ignited and quickly awakens a flame so passionate they can't resist each other any longer. Their dilemma . . . they are in their own relationships and to make things worse, they live thousands of miles away. How long can they keep the flame burning before it's too late? - by Roman Nash and Lizzie Lone (December 2019)  

"While Daring Greatly" (Autobiography)

While Daring Greatly isn’t just a story of softball, it is a story about life in an ever-changing world and of life in a small Texas town as it went through it’s industrial growth. The story begins decades ago as generations of hard-working men migrated to the work-rich area to earn their keep as industrial laborers and start their families in a new town. As we follow the life of Dan “BeBe” Garcia, we not only learn about the softball history of Baytown, Texas and the Baytown Hawks, we also learn of the hard work put in by his father and hundreds of men like him looking to build a new life in America.

While Daring Greatly shares the story of a growing industry and town and the parallels of the emerging sport of fast pitch softball and what it took to build both from the ground up and build new chapters in the history of the small East Texas town.

Bebe Garcia takes us through his life experiences and the genesis of the Baytown Hawks softball team. He takes us through the good and the bad and we see things through the eyes of a three-time Fast Pitch Softball Hall of Famer. - by Dan 'BeBe' Garcia with A. Lopez Jr. (December 2019)

"At The Stroke of Midnight" (Horror)

A magical carnival appears in a neighbor's backyard that only a selected few can see. A boy's curiosity to see more leads him into places better left unseen. A dark and evil figure with the power to grant the impossible, for a price. Midnight can't come soon enough . . . or can it? - by A. Lopez Jr. (Spring 2020)

"I'll Tell You My Secrets" (Horror)

A grandmother, mother, and daughter, all connected by their family bloodline and an old house passed down through the generations, but they also share a darker connection. An evil and sinister entity that grows stronger through the years. The daughter, now grown with her own children and living in the same house, looks for help to protect her children as the demon becomes more dangerous and seeks to destroy their lives and take their souls. - by A. Lopez Jr. (Summer 2020)

nightmares, night terrors, ghosts, demons, possession, exorcism, supernatural, paranormal, death

Latest Release!

My Inhuman Condition by A. Lopez Jr. with Damien Smith

Our latest release is a short story of horror that found its genesis in the form of a night terror. Lopez and Smith collaborated to dig in and uncover the core of the nightmare to build the dark world around it. The final product is a fast-paced story where lives are changed at every twist and turn.

This title is available at all ebook retailers.

An innocent high school party. A bloodthirsty evil lurking in the shadows. A group of friends must fight to survive the night.

Landry  Locker is a high school sophomore living in a small desert farming town  in Arizona. What he wants most in life is to make it through high  school, get into a good college, and attain a high-paying job. In the  meantime, he would love nothing more than to gain a friendship with his  secret crush, Kat.

Much sooner than he imagines, he gets his  chance, but fate had something else in store. A once promising night  turns grim, leading Landry and everyone he cares about into a dark and  unforgiving world. His life and the lives of everyone around him are  changed in one short night.

This dark and fast-paced short story  doesn’t look back until the fates of Landry and his friends, including  Kat, are revealed. Even in a small town, one night can change everything  in the blink of an eye. When the night gives way to dawn a shocking and  painful truth is soon revealed.

If you like your horror fast and unnerving, then you’ll love My Inhuman Condition. Get it today and see who survives the night.  

To find out more about what drives My Inhuman Condition, please visit the webpage.



This year started out with a bang at with the release of Night Dreams - The Complete Series. In this edition, we have put together all 7 episodes in one book, totaling over 650 pages. Night Dreams has also been released in eBook format as a box set and in paperback. Both are available now at all your favorite retailers.

With the release comes giveaways and A. Lopez Jr. is giving away the first episode, The Beginning. You can get your free ebook copy by joining his Free Newsletter, The Project. (see below)

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