About Us

Who Are We?


 Ace-Hil-Ink was started with the idea of  helping authors, writers, or anyone  interested in getting their hard work out to the reading masses. Giving advice, throwing ideas back and forth and making the transition from pen-to-page, as they used to say, as easy as possible.

Through the things we have learned in publishing our books, we hope to help  others interested in doing the same. The journey from writing to promoting and on to self-publishing can be overwhelming at times within our daily lives – when we do it on our own. We learn more about the  indie-publishing business every day and have lessened the learning curve which translates to an easier and smoother transition from the start of  your book to the satisfying end of seeing it published electronically and in print. With our first book, Purgatory, and on through the Night Dreams series and others, we have continued to build on the brand and increase our overall knowledge in the publishing world. There are many sources out there today when it comes to information on all of the above and we have used them in our journey.

Ace-Hil-Ink believes in authors working together, cross-promoting our brands, and  helping each other out. There are many out there that feel the same way. A-H-I is not a genre-specific site. We will be publishing in all genres, and we have a romance novel Time Doesn’t Wait by Kathryn Stelher coming out in the near future. We are also collaborating with other writers who are working on their projects and we will help get their ideas, thoughts, and stories out there.

So, as you can see, it’s all about helping each other get started on our journeys in writing, no matter the genre. We hope you stop by if you are interested in some advice, help or anything else that can help you get your project off the ground. 

Publishing History


 2011 - We released our first book, Purgatory - 13 Tale of the Macabre by A. Lopez Jr just in time for Halloween, and made it available in eBook and print.

2012 - Episode #1 The Beginning of the Night Dreams Series was released. Episode #1 shows how it all started for Dr. Joseph Rickettes and the gift he possesses.

2013 - Early in 2013 came the release of the horror novella Floor Four. Continuing the Night Dreams Series with Episode #2, we released, Andrea's Demon. Author and Evangelist released her first study guide, GRIP

2014 - The Night Dreams Series continued with two more episodes; Rising Darkness and Tall Man (#3 & #4) revealing more about Dr. Rickettes' secret gift and the dangers that it brings.

2015 - Til Death Do Us Part - A Zombie Short Story followed by Night Dreams Episode #5, Malevolence. Vera E. Glass released her second study guide, Dead Flies In The Apothecary. 

2016 - Episodes #6, and #7 (Soul Reaper and Underworld) of the Night Dreams Series hit the shelves and eBook readers to complete the series.

2017 - Night Dreams - The Novel paperback and the series eBook bundle (1-7) were released. My Inhuman Condition - A Short Story of Horror.


providing book services

We will have a Services Page up soon listing what we can do for you in Book Cover Design, Book Formatting (ebook & print), and Book Trailers.